When To Replace Your Car’s Battery?

After four to five years, your car battery is susceptible to various issues. A defective battery can become a cause of many problems in your car. It can damage the circuit in the car. Thus, it is good to consider changing the battery every 4-5 years. However, not all batteries are the same. Before you make any decision, it is best to identify the factors responsible for such issues.

Warning Signs Your Car Battery Might Need to Replace

There are no indicators in car batteries that will signal that your battery is about to die, there are some visible signs that you must read to know that your battery needs replacement. Here are the warning signs that can indicate that your car battery needs replacement.

  • Engine Malfunction: Your engine takes power from the battery each time it starts. If your battery is near dying, then your engine’s crankshaft will not work properly. Moreover, it starts slower than before.
  • Clicking Sound: Your vehicle will often just make a rapid clicking sound while turning the key. This means that the battery power is too low to crank the engine. If the outcome remains the same even after multiple attempts, then it is a clear sign that your battery is nearly or completely dead.
  • Dim Headlights: If your headlights are not as bright as before then this could also be another indicator.
  • Electrical Issues: New vehicles have more electronic circuits involved in the car. From the power seats, power windows, to wipers and headlights everything takes power from the battery to function. If they begin to malfunction then your battery probably needs a check-up.
  • Dashboard Light: Dashboard lights are a modern vehicle feature that illuminates various signs to suggest that something is amiss. If there is some issue with the car battery, the check engine light or reduced power light will turn on.
  • Swollen Battery Case: Battery when begin to deteriorate they start swelling up, this is the most alarming sign, if your battery case is swelling it needs to be changed as soon as possible or they are like to burst and cause fire or the worst accident.
  • Old Battery: If it has been years since your battery was last replaced or has never replaced then it might be time to get it changed.

These are the most common signs for battery replacement. However, other possible reasons that could lead to these signs may be dying headlight, or trouble with the cables and not the battery. However, if these signs are accompanied by other signs listed above, then it is for sure your battery.

Other signs that are indicators for car battery replacement are:

  • Unusual power fluctuations
  • Sudden shutting down of the vehicle
  • Some rotten smell from the bonnet
  • Corroded battery connectors

It’s always a good idea to identify issues at earlier stages. This helps to increase your vehicle’s longevity and save money in the long run.

What Causes Car Battery Deterioration?

A car battery has a lifespan of 5 years if taken proper care is given. Modern vehicles are power-hungry. This means that a lot of amperage is pulled from the vehicle. Some of the factors that cause battery deterioration are:

  • Heat: Hot weather or the hood heating up evaporates fluid from the battery.
  • Cold: Extreme cold weather or if the vehicle is not used for quite some time this can make the battery less effective.
  • Vibration: Excessive movements and vibrations cause the cords and parts to loosen up. This causes ill-functioning of the vehicle.
  • Overcharging: This is usually the case with electronic vehicles. Overcharging leads to faster battery deterioration.
  • Lights: If you left your car’s light or any other actions that could possibly drain the battery without recharging, it leads to quicker degradation of the battery.

Normally,your car battery gets recharged when you drive by the alternator. With proper care, the battery will last for 5 years. However, you will have to change the battery eventually.

How to test a car battery?

Precautionary tests are always good for your car battery’s health. There are two ways to testyour battery at home.

  1. With a Multimeter:
    1. Set your voltmeter to 20 DC volt.
    2. Connect the battery with the multimeter. Join the negative terminal to the meter’s negative probe. Repeat the same with the positive terminal.
    3. Turn on the headlights and check what the meter displays.
    4. Read the measurements. If it is 12.3 volts or higher, then your battery is not less than 75% charged and if it is 11.8 or lower, then it is not more than 25%.
  2. Without a Multimeter:
    1. Park your car ina safe place.
    2. Turn on your vehicle in a parking position and turn on the headlight.
    3. Speed up the engine and see if there is any change with the headlight.
    4. If revving makes your headlights brighter then this means that your battery is almost dead and needs to be checked/replaced.

How Much Does a Car Battery Replacement Cost?

When it comes to car components, its best to choose only the best. Going for a part that is exorbitantly high or low priced is not a good idea.If you are getting a good deal at a moderate rate of $100-300, then you should go for it. The price range goes from $75 to $4000.

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