4WD Dual Battery Installation & Replacement

4WD owners often use their vehicle for long drives and road trips, and so to make sure, that they don’t get stranded on the highway or anywhere else, we offer excellent services for 4WD dual battery setup and 4WD battery replacement across Melbourne.

When the battery of your 4WD remains no longer in the working condition, it should be replaced with a new and powerful battery. We perform battery replacement by using one of the batteries stocked by us, which means you can visit us anytime if the new battery gives you a hard time.

For all the campers, who love to take their 4WD to new and unknown places, we offer dual battery installation service in Springvale and adjacent Suburbs at the competitive prices.

Are you planning to go for camping adventures with your family and friends with your 4wd caravan? But apprehensive regarding stranded on the road due to battery failure during your long journey due to the scorching heat of Australia?

Inclement weather conditions of Australia is one of the chief reasons for battery failure in Australia. Heat can evaporate water and electrolyte from the battery and shorten the lifespan of your 4wd battery. Don’t take any chance regarding 4wd battery failure during your sojourn.

Before venturing out on any camping tour, Visit our nearby 4wd battery shop at Springvale, Clayton, Noble Park, Mulgrave and Dandenong and make sure that your battery is in perfect position to function.

Our trained and skilled electricians thoroughly check your battery with the latest tools and rectify any fault. Depending upon the condition of your battery, we recharge or repair your battery. If we found that the battery of your 4WD is beyond repair, we replace your battery with compatible battery, which matches the exact specifications, dimensions, and size of the original battery of your 4WD model.

We know that during camping adventure you need extra power to run your audio visual and other electronic system. We make sure that the secondary battery enables you hassle-free camping moments and satisfy your entertainment need to use the electronic audiovisual system.

Whether you need the power to run your vehicle or run your electronic appliances, we ensure you are not in dire straits due to lack of power. So before you move out for any venture, we prepare you with battery need.

Armed with the stock all types of the battery from leading manufacturers, we can provide 4wd battery replacement and 4wd dual battery installation services at a competitive rate. We have a team of expert auto electricians who have extensive experience in battery repair and replacement of all types of models and brand.

We supply portable battery systems for caravans at the affordable prices. After providing a free check-up to your car battery at our battery shop, We also advise you regarding special battery needs and accessories. We ensure that you are completely prepared for any eventuality during your sojourn and receive comprehensive battery related services under one roof.

4WD Dual Battery Installation